Hardwood Flooring Grades

Flooring grades help consumers determine the type of floor they are looking for.There are different types of grading for different types of floors, however with oak being the most popular type of floor, it is the most recognizable grading system. Oak is graded between a few different grades. A clear grade is a mostly uniform floor. It has few differentiations in the boards and gives you a consistent look throughout the entire floor. Select is the next grade. Select floors still have a more uniform look to them, however there are a few more knots and grains than there is in a clear grade floor.Following select grade floors are common grades. Common grades differ from the select grade and clear grade in the fact that they are less uniform of a look. Common grades show more minerals and knots as well as other natural marks. The grading system is used to differentiate the different types of floors based solely on appearance. All grades are durable, strong floors in which one grade is not superior to any other, they just give a basis to give the customer the type of look in which they are seeking.

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